Deployment Advice

So far Alex has been on two combat deployments to Afghanistan, so I understand how difficult it can be to get through a deployment. My best advice would be to keep yourself busy! It really does go by faster than you think.

One thing you can do to pass the time is send your Marine care packages with all kinds of stuff like food, hygiene items, games and books or magazines. Get ideas for what to send, and have fun with it by decorating the inside of the boxes!

Support is another crucial aspect of deployments. Most of your family and friends probably don’t understand what you’re going through, and you can’t expect them to. That’s why it’s nice to have other military spouses to talk to. If you don’t know any other women on base, add USMC Amor on Facebook. It’s a very active page with thousands of girls to talk to and answer any other questions you might have!


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