Services on Camp Lejeune

Camp Lejeune is a HUGE base that has a lot to offer, but many people don’t even realize what’s available. Go to the official Camp Lejeune website to get a full list of services! Some of the more common places you may need to visit are below. All of these locations are straight through the main gate, just a few miles into base.

The Marine Corps Exchange (or MCX) was recently renovated, so their hours are fluctuating. Go here to buy food, clothes, furniture, make-up, work out equipment and more.

The Seven Days store is open 24/7 and the more convenient place to shop on base. They have basic grocery store items, cleaning supplies, alcohol, movies and more.

The Commissary is the base grocery store, and has better quality and prices than many of the grocery stores off-base. Commissary  hours:

Normal Hours
Sun: 1100 – 1800
Mon: 0930 – 2000
Tue: 0930 – 2000
Wed: 0930 – 2000
Thu: 0930 – 2000
Fri: 0930 – 2000
Sat: 0900 – 1900
Early Bird Hours
Sun: 1030 – 1100
Mon: 0730 – 0930
Tue: 0730 – 0930
Wed: 0730 – 0930
Thu: 0730 – 0930
Fri: 0730 – 0930
Sat: 0830 – 0900
 Aside from these general stores, there is a bowling alley, movie theater, post office, multiple gyms and many other options to explore.

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